About Nec Australasia Pty Ltd (trading as Nec Cosmetics)

Nec Australasia Pty Ltd has one unique ambition, and that’s to enable customers from Australia and New Zealand to have access to the best perfumes, skincare and cosmetic products available. By best, we mean products that are effective, beneficial to each client and as kind to the skin (our dermatological expertise), and still being natural.

As a matter of fact, we believe that a number of companies have only focused on their dermatological expertise to maintain a certain level of effectiveness, whilst keeping nasties in their formulas. This is not good for the skin. At the other end of the spectrum, other, newer businesses have decided to create cosmetic products that are 100% natural. However, being 100% natural doesn’t guarantee a product is kind to skin, let alone effective.

Nec Cosmetics will always endeavour to find a middle ground. We ensure, that every step that we take to make our products even more natural, will not reduce its effectiveness or kindness to the skin.

Nec Australasia founders decided long ago that they wanted to change the industry for the better. Prior to joining forces, they had various separate success stories. One of them relates to Bebe Cadum, a very famous but struggling French baby skincare brand that was purchased 15 years ago from a multinational. It was then with such success that it became a market leader. It was among the first to launch what would later become a trend of avoiding unnatural ‘nasties’ in products and communicating the benefits of natural products free of the widely used, potentially harmful, paraben preservatives. What was applied then for paraben, is now applied by Nec on all known nasties.

Nec Australasia wants to assist customers in Australia and New Zealand to bridge the gap between traditional products that have been on the shelves for years and the new, all-natural trend, with a view to bringing the best of both worlds to clients.